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History :


The ACTE company was founded in 1998 by a micro gas turbine developer, who was himself looking to buy heat recuperators that were fully adapted to the constraints of this specific field (see Compact heat exchanger page). He was unable to find any solution that met his performance expectations.



As a result, he decided to study the market need himself and he created the ACTE Company with the aim of bringing to market an innovative and efficient gas turbine heat recuperator. This objective was achieved a few years later and ACTE was born:


1998 : Company creation

1999 : Heat exchange surface optimisation

2000 : First technological demonstrator

2001 : Production line design and building

2002 : First prototype delivery

2003 : Heat transfer surface improvement + 1.8MWe gas turbine recuperator design and manufacturing.

To date :


  • Different prototypes manufactured in different development programs
  • ACTE continues its development and keeps in touch with the different players in the heat recovery sector.

2009 : Launch of the first serial production of the 100 kWe gas turbine heat recuperator

2010 : Development of GAP technology

2011 : Development of the first GAP heat exchanger prototype.



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