Our heat exchangers benefits

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Easy integration

  • The annular shape enables an ideal integration of the heat exchanger into all axisymetric installations (chimneys, gas turbines, ducts, etc). For example, when used as a heat recuperator in gas turbines, the annular shape of the core allows a very compact installation around the exhaust diffuser.

Increased life time

  • ACTE heat exchangers benefits: increased life time

    In contrast to classic plate exchangers, the ACTE exchangers are constructed around a spiral core which provides curved shapes to the exchange surfaces that will expand - upon a sudden temperature change - in a predictable way. Consequently, thermal stresses and the lifetime of the exchanger can be calculated.

    That is one of the most important advantages compared with the flat plate exchangers currently on the market that will buckle into an unpredictable shape.

    Thermal inertia is also reduced as the gage used is as thin as 0.3 mm. Such thickness still guarantees an excellent resistance to corrosion.


Same power, less material

  • ACTE heat exchangers advantages: pressure resistance
    • Pressure resistance

    The local containment of the internal pressure is assured by the spot welding of each contact point between the corrugated sheets. This eliminates the need for the heavy elements frequently used in classic plate exchangers (end plates or tire rods) and thus reduces thermal inertia and the weight of the exchanger.

    • Primary surface heat exchanger

    Compared with most heat exchangers, our primary surface types allow you to achieve high effectiveness at a light weight, which are always key advantages in heat recovery installations.

Up to 50% fuel savings

  • The small hydraulic diameters (in the 1 millimetre range) used in our heat exchangers enable the development of a huge heat transfer surface within a minimum volume. This results in very compact heat exchangers, with a surface to volume ratio around 900m²/m³ that dramatically reduces the total weight and volume of the exchanger compared with other solutions on the market.


Low maintenance costs

  • The cross-corrugated profile of our exchanger surfaces forces the flows to be turbulent even at low Reynolds numbers. This prevents the particles that might be present in the fluids from being deposited and accumulating inside the heat exchanger, thus reducing the clogging of the core.

    Moreover, when there is a large separation between the plates (see GAP product), it is simple to clean the exchanger :

    • High pressure water jet (Karsher)
    • Steam jet
    • Plates vibrations

    For specific applications, ACTE team is also able to work on tailored cleaning solutions.

Competitive price

  • Compared with the regular assembly processes for the hundreds of plates required for constructing traditional plate exchangers, our automated production line guarantees continuous manufacture. From the production of the exchange surface through to the production of the core we use only one process at a very competitive unit cost for high volumes. In addition to this, our unique assembly process minimises the number of operations and the number of parts to be assembled. Last but not least, a low rejection rate also makes it possible to guarantee a competitive production cost at high volumes thanks to a sustainable consumption of raw materials.

From prototype to mass production

  • Serial production of heat exchangers for micro gas turbines (MGTs) and Waste heat recovery.

    Thanks to its modular components and its variable spiral step (i.e. the distance between plates), ACTE's heat exchangers can be adapted to a large range of applications and ensure that you benefit from a custom-built heat exchanger that perfectly suits your recovery needs. Moreover, our production line has been specially developed to achieve high production volumes and meet your increasing needs.



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