Typical applications:



ACTE's heat exchangers help you develop many kinds of energy production projects thanks to their modularity and wide operating range.

For example, an evaporator or high pressure steam generator can be used in a thermal solar plant which uses thermal oil as a heat transfer fluid to generate the steam to power the turbine.

ACTE's heat exchanger also allow you to recover heat from hot exhaust gas coming from your CHP (Combined Heat & Power) or biomass system and use the energy currently lost to produce hot water or hot oil for heating purpose, or even low pressure steam

Likewise, evaporator or recuperator being specifically designed for ORC applications or steam turbines can be studied and produced on demand by ACTE engineers.


The ACTE team can help you to find a heat transfer solution that is perfectly adapted to your energy production.

The use of heat exchange primary surfaces together with an annular shape makes the "Shell & Plate" heat exchanger design particularly compact and allows you to minimise the installation footprint and the supporting civil engineering structure, and therefore to obtain the best return on investment. The modular components also enable you to benefit from a custom-built solution that is adapted to your needs and easy to maintain.


Technical overview :

  • From 1kW (or less) to 100 MW (or over) of heat recuperation
  • Adaptable pressure losses according to your process requirements (typically a maximum of 1% for gaseous fluids without a fan)
  • Wide performance range
  • Operating temperature up to 650°C
  • Dimensions: from 200mm diameter to 3,000mm and from 500mm height to several metres (by stacking the cores).
  • Modular components.



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